The New A380. It’s Gettin’ Tight Up In Here, Ya’ll!

Remember the days when flying on a plane was fun?  Everything from arriving at the airport to check-in to boarding and then take-off, the flight and landing!  It was an experience!

CCiM7LxWEAAMr2e.jpg_largeNow, it’s just an EXPERIENCE!  And that experience is about to get worse, especially if you will be traveling on the Airbus A380.  This week Airbus announced that it’s changing the configuration of the seating arrangement on the double-decker A380.  Those in Economy seating will soon be 11 persons per row.  That’s a 3-5-3 configuration as shown on the right. Continue reading

READER QUESTION: Airlines, Study Abroad & More

Facebook Fan VALERIE LABERGE of CHICAGO has this question:

My daughter is traveling to Austria in August. What is the best airline to use when traveling to Europe? Also, for a four-month stay, how much should she pack? I know she will want to purchase clothes in Europe!

Castle Salzburg Photo: Tourismus Salzburg

Castle Salzburg
Photo: Tourismus Salzburg

Hi Valerie…

Okay, let’s start with airlines.  Austria is a major European country so all of the major US airlines fly there (United, American, Delta, US Airways).  There are also some fantastic international carriers that fly to Austria (Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France, KLM, Swiss, Alitalia).  Chances are you will start on a US carrier and then continue on one of their code-share partners.  For instance, you may fly from Chicago to London on American Airlines, but then fly from London to Austria on British Airways because American and British Airways are partners.  In any case, you can’t go wrong with one or a combination of these airlines.

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