Rain at Uluru! Incredible!

Uluru Sunset1I’ve been swamped at my real job, so sorry for a lack of posts, but this event definitely brought me back here.

RAIN AT ULURU in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Rain there is extremely rare.  According to ABC News, only about 1 percent of tourists to see rain at the majestic site.  Waterfalls are even more rare. Check out these videos from YouTube’s Storyful Editor.  Wet or dry, Uluru is a site that should not be missed in Australia.

10,000 Miles From Home… And All Alone

Uluru Sunset1

To celebrate my 40th birthday, I traveled alone for a tour of Australia. On a starry night, I found myself in the Australian Outback as I trekked to a dinner under the exposed night sky where I knew no one. And I was scared to death.

The “Sounds of Silence” dinner was said to be a magical experience. Strangers young and old gathered to dine under the stars as the summer sun set on Uluru, the Aboriginal name given to the massive red rock formation in Australia’s Northern Territory.

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