9 Incredible Experiences To Have In Louisiana Before You Die!

Credit: NewOrleansOnline.com

I’ve sort of become a Louisiana travel writing pro.  I didn’t start out that way, but after writing a few articles for Matador Network, I discovered they were desperate for content on my home state.  Then those few articles turned into commissioned articles from Louisiana Travel and Tourism and I was Matador’s go-to guy.  So here is my latest and I have to admit I haven’t done a lot of the things on this list, but now I want to.  Well, maybe not spend the night in the haunted plantation home.  🙂  Enjoy my latest article… “9 Incredible Experiences To Have in Louisiana Before You Die!”

10 of the Funniest Expressions in Louisiana (and how to use them)

I am proud to share my first published piece, as published by Matador Network on March 20, 2015.  Be sure to check out Matador Network’s FACEBOOK page for more great travel stories.  Follow them on TWITTER too.

1. Louisianians don’t ask “How are you?”… they say “How’s ya’ momma an em?”

A true Louisianian will run it all together: Howsyamommaanem? The phrase sort of sounds like “homonym.”

What we’re asking is, “How is your mother and them?” The “them” is your family, but your momma’s the most important.

2. Louisianians don’t “take a nap”… they “go do-do.”

The “do” sounds like “doh” as in Play-Doh.

Mother to her cranky baby: “Go do-do.”

3. Louisianians don’t “cheer”… they yell “who dat?!”

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