How To Become A Chicagoan in 17 Easy Steps

Originally published by; May 14, 2015

Photo by: Bert Kaufmann/flickr

Photo by: Bert Kaufmann/flickr

1. Don’t say “The Windy City.” It’s an advertising moniker more than anything. Locals never use it. And “Chi-town” is out too.

2. Love the Cubs or love the Sox, but you can only choose one so choose carefully. There’s no going back and your loyalty to a Chicago baseball team, or lack thereof, is going to be taken seriously.

(And if you choose the Cubs, you have to love them even when they lose, which is a lot.)

3. Respect that Chicago is known for deep-dish pizza, but don’t eat it all the time. We don’t do that. When you do want the real deep dish experience though, go to Pequod’s or Burt’s.

4. Always order your hot dog “Chicago style.” It’ll come with yellow mustard, green relish, onions, tomato slices, pickles, sport peppers, and celery salt all served on a poppy seed bun. Don’t even think about asking for ketchup. And for the real deal, go to Gene and Jude’s in River Grove.

5. Lower Wacker Drive is your friend. You’ll hear people trash talk it, but a real Chicagoan knows if you want to get around town quickly, Lower Wacker is the key. Continue reading