Visit “Jurassic World.” Yes, You Really Can!

Universal Pictures Jurassic World opened this weekend to massive box office success.  The film grossed the second highest US box office opening ever with $204.6 million.  The dino pic also earned the title of biggest global box office opening ever with a take of $511.8 million.  While “Jurassic World” is a not a real place and you can’t visit, you can travel to the beautiful sites where the movie was filmed, and best of all, you don’t have to leave the US.

The main location used is Kualoa Ranch on the island of Oahu.  Kualoa Ranch now offers its own movie studio tour taking you to all of the stunningly gorgeous locations used in the film.  The original “Jurassic Park” also shot here.  Check out Kualoa Ranch’s video tour above.

Some of the exhibit scenes from “Jurassic World” were shot at Honolulu Zoo, right across the street from beautiful Waikiki Beach on Oahu.  One of the majestic waterfalls featured is Manoa Falls, also on Oahu.

Photo: Jurassic Kahili Ranch

Photo: Jurassic Kahili Ranch

But not all of the tropical scenes were shot on Oahu.  The island of Kauai was also featured in “Jurassic World.”  Jurassic Kahili Ranch is home to some of the wide open vistas used in the film.  Manawaiopuna Falls in Hanapepe Valley was another waterfall featured in the film, as was Blue Hole. These locations were also featured in the original “Jurassic Park.”


One of the coolest places in “Jurassic World” is the “Jurassic World” Theme Park.  The theme park does exist, but it’s not in Hawaii.  It’s in New Orleans.  Yes, you read that right.  The theme park locations were shot at Six Flags New Orleans which was severely damaged after Hurricane Katrina and never re-opened.  The former Six Flags was used in a few movies, but none quite as prominently as “Jurassic World.”  Check out this Wired.Com story on “Jurassic World” shooting in New Orleans.

And as a final note, if you haven’t yet seen “Jurassic World,” run, don’t walk to the theater.  The film is a great summer flick.