Happy Christmas! London At The Holidays!

PassportIn November of this year, I was fortunate enough to travel back to the very first foreign country and city I had ever embarked upon 20 years ago – London, England.  I had been wanting to return to London for a long time, but airline tickets were always so expensive. In September, when a random fare sale popped up with a $500 discount on a round-trip to London, I jumped on it. There would be no turkey and pumpkin pie for me. Instead, I would travel back to London, England.  Not only was I returning to a city in which I was somewhat familiar, I was also returning to a city where I now I had friends.

I was also really excited that I would be in London at the start of the Christmas holiday season. It’s always exciting to see a city when it transforms itself for the holidays and London would be no different.

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Source: VisitLondon.com


First off, sorry all for not posting more.  A lot of changes happening at the 9 to 5-er and I’ve been VERY BUSY!  However, for Thanksgiving, I am excited to say that I am headed to LONDON!  I haven’t been back in 20 years and I’m so excited.  I need to call Liz and see if I can stay at the Palace.

So, what should I see in London?  I’m happy to admit the Harry Potter Studio Tour is on the list already. HUGE Harry Potter fan, but what else in London should I check out?

God Save The Queen!