10 Signs You Grew Up Drinking In Louisiana

Originally published on MatadorNetwork.com, March 24, 2015.

1. Flashing your naughty bits in a bar is a completely normal thing to do for a free round.

This is probably one of those “Only in New Orleans” things. And while flashing the goods God gave you is not legal, it is tolerated and sometimes expected in the bars along Bourbon Street. The good news is you may get a free drink, some plastic beads, and one heck of a story to take home.

2. You drive around looking for a drive-thru daiquiri shop.

Only in Louisiana can you drive up to your favorite daiquiri shop, place your order, and drive off with the frozen alcoholic beverage of your choice. Keep the lid on though because Louisiana law states that as long as a straw does not penetrate the cup, your container is not considered “open.”

3. You ask the bartender for a “go cup.”

This only applies in New Orleans. At any bar, you can ask for a “go cup,” pour your alcoholic beverage in it, and “go” out onto the streets of the Big Easy. You don’t even have to ask in some bars. The plastic “go cups” are stacked up. Help yourself

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