The New A380. It’s Gettin’ Tight Up In Here, Ya’ll!

Remember the days when flying on a plane was fun?  Everything from arriving at the airport to check-in to boarding and then take-off, the flight and landing!  It was an experience!

CCiM7LxWEAAMr2e.jpg_largeNow, it’s just an EXPERIENCE!  And that experience is about to get worse, especially if you will be traveling on the Airbus A380.  This week Airbus announced that it’s changing the configuration of the seating arrangement on the double-decker A380.  Those in Economy seating will soon be 11 persons per row.  That’s a 3-5-3 configuration as shown on the right.

Apparently the seats are theCCidrkeWYAAMtfM.jpg_large same width as they are currently, 18 inches, but a reconfiguration will allow the A380 to carry 544 passengers, up from 525.  And if this photo on the left is any indication, it’s going to be a tight squeeze.

The new seats will start showing up in 2017.  The good news is the A380 is primarily used by foreign carriers:  Emirates, Qantas, Luthansa, and Singapore Airlines.  The bad news?  United Airlines and American fly the Boeing 777 and those new seat configurations will be one inch smaller.

Suck it in, people.  Suck it in.


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