Travel Tip: Foreign Currency Now or Later?

Photo: Philip Brewer flickr/bradipo

Photo: Philip Brewer

With the value of the US dollar almost equal to the Euro, more and more people will be planning trips overseas to Europe and other parts of the world. One debate I have with friends who travel is whether to get foreign currency before you depart for another country or do you wait until you get there?

It’s a matter of personal preference, but I always get foreign currency from my bank before I depart the country because I like to have the local money in my pocket when I land.  How much is up to you, but I usually take a few hundred dollars with me.  Also, if you can help it, never exchange money at the airport.  You will get much better rates going to a local bank in the city you are visiting.  So if you are home or overseas, stick to banks.

Any major bank in the US can order currency for you as long as you are a customer. Click the links below for more info on obtaining from foreign currency from these major US banks.




And here’s another tip!  Spend your foreign change before you head home.  US banks will only exchange bills back into US currency.

Happy Travels!  #SeeTheWorld

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One thought on “Travel Tip: Foreign Currency Now or Later?

  1. I went to Australia in 1996, I remember exchanging my money ahead of time at the Amex office. We used our credit card for the hotel which worked out very well for us. We accompanied our Children who were the first ones to play Aussie Footy at the MCG it was a pretty big thing. The kids really had a wonderful time and stayed with the local families and we hosted children here the following year.


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