Travel Tip: Keep The Change


Photo: Flickr/redjar

An article on says travelers in 2013 gave the TSA more than $638K last year.  Actually, $638,142.64.  Why?  They left it behind at airport security screenings.  TSA says it doesn’t know how much money was left in 2014 because the agency is still counting all of the loot.

TRAVEL TIP!  Remember that little plastic TSA bowl that you put your change, watch, keys, etc in?  SKIP IT!  DON’T TOUCH IT.  DON’T EVEN LOOK AT IT!

When I travel, as I approach security, I take everything in my pockets and I place in my backpack.  My phone, keys, change, chapstick, you name it.  All of that stuff goes into my backpack that I take on the plane, so when I reach the security checkpoint I have nothing in my pockets.  The only things left on the x-ray belt are my carry-on bag and my backpack with all of my stuff tucked safely inside.

The US Government gets enough of your money.  Don’t give them anymore!  Skip the bowl!

Happy Travels!

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