Budget Travel: Best-Kept Secrets of NYC

Photo:  Adriel O. Socrates

Photo: Adriel O. Socrates

BudgetTravel.com has a great article right now called, “Best-Kept Secrets of NYC from the City’s Savviest Celebs and Insiders.”  It’s all about FREE stuff to do in NYC.  As a former New Yorker, I highly recommend checking it out.

One paragraph jumped out at me:

Visitors often overlook the neighborhoods that locals love, but spending time off the beaten visitor path is the best way to experience New York City like a local. Make sure you spend time in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, or Staten Island before heading home. You won’t regret it! —Marty Markowitz, former Brooklyn borough president and current VP of borough engagement and promotion for NY’s tourism org, NYC & Company

I couldn’t agree with Mr. Markowitz more.  NYC has so many great neighborhoods, but tourists tend to stick to places like Times Square or Ground Zero.  Trust me, NYC is so much more than that.  I lived in Hell’s Kitchen for years and rarely saw tourists.  I think the name scared them, but it’s a vibrant neighborhood filled with fantastic restaurants, bars and some really cool shops like Amy’s Bread on 47th and 9th (amazing oatmeal cookies)!

And while the Bronx can appear scary, it’s another great ‘hood that should not be overlooked.  NYC’s Bronx Zoo is one of the most amazing zoos I’ve ever seen with an incredible gorilla habitat that should not be missed.

So the next time you are in NYC, see the real New York and hit the neighborhoods.


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