Travel Tip: My Flight Is Cancelled. Now What?

Photo: John McGarvey

Photo: John McGarvey

It’s happened to all of us.  You’re at the airport, or worse, on the plane, and your flight gets cancelled.  The friendly flight attendant or gate agent tells you to go to the nearest service desk or re-booking center to get a new flight.  All 200+ passengers are headed in the same direction and the line stretches down the terminal.  What’s a stressed out flier to do?  Relax, that’s what.

My tip, and it’s one of my favorites.  You don’t have to go to the re-booking center or service desk.  Nope.  Pull out your mobile phone and call the airline.  Tell them your flight is canceled and you need to be re-booked.  You’ll be surprised how many people don’t know you can do this.  Unless multiple cancellations are happening at the same time, you should be able to get your airline on the phone quickly and have yourself booked on a new flight within minutes.

True story.  I was sitting on a plane in Jackson, Mississippi and the pilot announced the flight was canceled due to a mechanical issue.  I immediately pulled out my phone.  Called the airline (Tip#2 – always keep your airline’s number stored in your phone), and told them my flight had been canceled and I needed to be re-booked.  The airline rep on the phone said, “I show that flight departed on time.”

“I’m pretty sure I would know if we were in the air, ” I replied.  Turns out I knew the flight was canceled before she did.  She re-booked me on the next flight out and all of this happened before the passengers on my cancelled flight had deplaned.  It works.  Every time!

Happy travels!  #SeeTheWorld

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One thought on “Travel Tip: My Flight Is Cancelled. Now What?

  1. Very good tip! Sadly, it isn’t working when there are large problems like a labour strike or bad weather conditions. When everyone wants to get rebooked, the hotline usually is very busy 😦


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