My Travel Writing Career (and Blog) Begin


I have to say I am pretty excited to begin this chapter of my life.  I.  LOVE.  TO TRAVEL.  I have always have.  Whether it was a road trip or getting on a plane and traveling half way around the world, the experience was the same… exciting!  Now I can combine travel with my passion for writing, hence the name HAVE PASSION, WILL TRAVEL.  I hope you enjoy reading about my travel adventures and stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

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Wishing you happy and safe travels always…



3 thoughts on “My Travel Writing Career (and Blog) Begin

  1. Dear Hank, congrats! I am doing the same thing since several years as a kind of log book. It is always nice to browse and fresh up your memory. We all forget too fast. 😦
    I am using instead of Mendheim the name Mendweg since “heim” is the German word for “home” and “weg” means “away” and at the same time “way”.
    I whish you a lot of fun with your new blog and I am looking forward to becoming a regular visitor.
    Save travels – Florian


      • Hank, when ever it is time for Germany – just let me know 😉
        Everything else…well we call it the “Mendheim disease” – my Dad is in Italy, my son is in the Ukraine and Moldavia and I am near Albany 🙂


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